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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sheep and the Belly

Okay, this is good. 3 Posts in one day instead of one every 3 months. Here are some pics of the beautiful long horned sheep we ran into on the way to the Flaming Gorge last weekend. There was a huge wild herd of them and I had never seen such an animal. They look like deer with the face of a muscular lamb. This was a female herd, I am told that the males have enormous horns. Very cool. We also ran into huge herds of cows on the way just wandering in the road... I think it was open range land. I love cows, I think they are so cool. I miss seeing them every day (in Washington), I think there is something very beautiful about a black and white cow in a sparkling green dew covered field early in the morning. Fields in western WA can be almost flourescent green and in contrast to the black and white of the cows, it is very pretty I think. Cows are just so mellow, I want to be chill like that... just enjoying the peace of a pretty field of long grass.
Okay, enought about cows.
Unfortunately, we were too preoccupied to get any pics of our actually fishing trip down the Green River. It is a beautiful place, world renowned for fly fishing. It was my first time fly fishing, lets just say I want to go fishing by myself for a bit before I go with my husband and father in-law again. Having two (fly-fishing enthusiast) guys in your ear telling you what to do every second is not fun or relaxing, you can only be instructed so much before you just need to go do it. I ended up just putting down the fishing rod and trying to enjoy a ride down the river.
River went down with us the first day and stayed with Grandma the second. He did amazingly well on a drift boat with Mama clinging on to him every second for nearly 6 hours. We were impressed. After 6 hours on the river the first day and about 9 the second day, Ms. Prego was officially wasted. I have been spending the better part of the week recuperating.
The next pic is of my belly taken just yesterday. I am about 6 1/2 months preggers with Finn. He is due at Christmas... Christmas never seemed so far away! Most people think I am small (which tends to tick me off, haha), but I am actually quite a bit bigger than I was at this point with either River or Sage.


Kimberly Porter said...

I hated it when people told me I looked small...and I was SO much bigger than I was in previous pregnancies at that point.

I think you look fabulous! We're thinking about you!

Sweetpea said...

Cute belly! I think it is just the right size.

It was so good to see you the other day. W loved playing with River and I loved the chance to chat with you. Let's do it again soon!

kanabanana said...

I am not a crazed Twilight mom, but I have met some obsessed fans! I did go to the midnight release party of the last book, which I was disappointed in by the way. I will definitely see the movie, because I love the story afterall! Have you read them or trying to be convinced to read them by your family members? :)