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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One Word Tag

1. Your cell phone is: bondage
2. Your significant other is: love
3. Your hair: changing
4. Your mother: worrier
5. Your father: giant
6. Your favorite thing: family
7. Your dream last night: paranoid
8. Your dream goal: northwest
9. Favorite room: bedroom
10. Your hobby: nature
11. Your fear: loss
12. Where you want to be in six years: northwest
13. Where you were last night: enrichment
14. What you're not: dramatic
15. One of your wish list items: green home
16. Where you grew up: Snohomish
17. The last thing you ate: green curry (homemade, thank you very much)
18. What you are wearing: jeans
19. Your TV: progressively more scratched
20. Your pet: future wish
21. Your computer: warranty lapsed, dang
22. Your mood: hopeful
23. Missing someone: Sage, Dad
24. Your car: funky (for a new car at least)
25. Something you're not wearing: makeup
26. Your favorite store: REI
27. Your summer: too hot in Utah
28. Love someone: Always
29. Your favorite color: Green
30. Last time you laughed: yesterday
31. Last time you cried: 2 nights ago

Tagged: anyone who reads this!! Come on, it's fun!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today would be my Papa's 60th birthday... I miss him so much. No one can ever take the place of your Dad. He was the biggest, strongest, wisest person in my life... the one I went to for all of the gospel questions, the car questions, the fix-it questions. It is hard not having him to turn to when those 'Dad questions' arise.
But... I know he is happy and is doing important work that was reserved just for him to do. I am glad that he is not 60 years old on this earth doing the physical labor he did all his life, he has been released. I know that he is holding my little Sage's hand, and that is one of the most comforting images in the world to me.
Love you Dad... forever!!