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Friday, September 19, 2008

River, the next Bono?

So. We want River to pursue anything his little heart desires, but to speak honestly... we would be thrilled if he developed a love for art or music as far as talents/passions go. Well, so far he mostly just digs on trucks, tractors, heavy machinery. He wants to be a "worker" more than anything. It is all good. He really has no interest in art yet and perhaps never will, and that is okay. But we are thrilled that he does seem love music. In fact, I think he might become something of an August Rush... or at least Bono. He can hum the melody of any song after hearing it only once and he loves to watch concerts on t.v.. There is a song by the Gorillas that is called Demon Days (River calls it "to the sun") that he will watch as many times as we will let him. Featured in the song is a really groovy gospel choir with a really cool guy directing it. River likes to think he is the director. He always gets all his instruments out and will copy everything he sees. He directs Kenny and I when to come in with the backround vocals, violin, drums, ect. and is very vocal about correcting us if we play any instrument at the wrong time. He also loves to watch U2 concert videos ("Papa's favorite music") and will watch a whole concert through, mimiking everything Bono does. He even runs to find sunglasses to wear as soon as the show starts. Here are some pics of River being Bono.


Sweetpea said...

How cute! I love sharing music with my kids, they love being encouraged to make lots of noise! I really think our singing time together has helped our family.