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Monday, September 21, 2009

Big ol' life Experiences!

Okay, so in the past month or so we have had a couple major happenings that have defined our current existence.

First, we finally became proctor parents. To a boy named Johnny, who is 16. Foster parenting is something I have felt (for many years) would be a part of Kenny and I's life, and Kenny has recently come to feel the same (after losing Sage, I think Kenny's heart began opening up to fostering another child in need of a loving home, as there was a vast hole our daughter left in our hearts and home). It finally felt like the right time and we have been training for just about 8 months to become proctor parents. It has been a big change but something we feel really happy about. This feels like a calling to me and Kenny and could potentially be a life calling for us. I could go on talking about this work and all of the reasons for why we are doing it and the need for it but alas, this is why I rarely blog... because I have a chronic habit of being far too wordy. So, I will leave it at that other than to say a few things about Johnny. He is a great kid! We couldn't have been given a better boy to initiate us into the world of foster care. Johnny has made some poor choices in his life that have earned him a special spot in our home but he is a really good human being. We truly believe he wants to change his life and we hope we are having a positive impact on his life and future.

Okay, #2: We adopted a dog. He also is awesome. His name is Arlo. He is a 'schnoodle'. River calls him his 'very special dog who doesn't make me sick', which is to say he is hypoallergenic. He is 5 years old, very sweet and loving, and doesn't shed. He is perfect for our family and home. We love him!

So, I am now the only female in a home of 5 boys!!

Johnny likes to say that he and Arlo are made up of the same stuff... they are both strays.


Sweetpea said...

Wow! Those are some pretty amazing life changes! Good for you guys.