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Monday, March 3, 2008

Hello Crazy Bloggers!

Hey Folks, Cammie here... I am just a gal looking to find the love in this world. I am Kenny's woman and River and Sage's mama.
Some random words: I love nature, the landscape around us. I particulary love the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. I love rain, I love green, I love rivers and lakes and mostly, fresh air. Seattle is the home of my soul. I currently live in Utah but look forward to the day I will call Washington my home again.
I love creating... art, writing, a happy home. Music is a passion for me and even though I am not too great at making it, I love listening to it... feeling it. Ani Difranco is the King of my musical world, has been since I was 14 and I think she is a brilliant and beautiful music maker.
My husband is my soul mate in ever sense of the term. He is not into watching sports or playing video games and I am not into makeup, shopping or scrapbooking... we like it this way. We are connected in just about every way and I am blessed.
River is the light of our lives, the happiest boy in the world... he is beautiful and we thank God for him and for each other every day. Our little girl, Sage, was stillborn on September 7, 2007 at 37 1/2 weeks because of a 'cord accident'. This is the devastation of our enire world. Not a second goes by that we do not ache to hold her.
I am a member of the LDS church and love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I always want to live more like Jesus did... with humility, love, compassion and an open, accepting mind.
I love my family! I have a beautiful Mama, 4 georgeous older sisters and a rockin rad little bro named Grant. My father, Grant, passed away 4 years ago and he was the wisest, oddest and most humble man I've known. I miss him dearly and it is my greatest ambition to live a good life so that I will live with him and my little girl again.
Other than that... I just want to live a simple, peaceful, aware life and do my part to make the world green and clean. I want to hike more and take more bike rides. And Barack Obama better win the Democratic nomination... or else... Canada, here we come. Oh, and I want to surf and learn to play the drums!


Sweetpea said...

Have you ever seen Ani in concert? She is totally amazing...

Seth said...

Hi Cammi and Kenny. Miss you guys. It's cool to hear about Finn.