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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dreams becoming Reality!

So we finally did it... we finally made the move. To the Northwest, we are home! (Although we certainly are missing and will continue to miss the Denton clan.) We moved at the beginning of February and we have been enjoying the fresh air. The grass is glowing green and the moss is alive and kicking here. I love it! I feel so alive... the air, the energy, the groovy people, the land, the environment... it all just flows in harmony with my inner ticking's, I think. We have a stellar view of Mt. Hood from our driveway (check out the pic) and an even more stellar view of Hood as well as the Willamette River and Mt. St. Helens at the top of the street (again, check out the photos!). In the last month we have enjoyed nearly daily car rides, walks and bike rides and feel like there are endless new country roads and lakes around the bend to explore... the beauty blows me away every day, even just on short trips to the market. I feel so blessed and am so looking forward to my boys being raised the natural splendor that I so thoroughly enjoyed and explored growing up (ferns growing plentifully on rooftops, anyone?). I could go on for days talking about this place. We have enjoyed many days of rain, but I will say, many more days of cloudless sunny skies. It has been oddly sunny and warm for this time of year in these parts and I have found myself missing the rain after 6 days of sun (not that I don't love the sun, but I love myself some emotion in the sky as well as the lovely mist and amazing moisturised air rain always bring (not to mention the GREEN, of course). There are not too many things that beat the sun coming out after a good rain. Everything just glistens.
We live in a cute cottage-esque house in a Douglas fir forest with ivy and ferns and moss abounding. We live in Lake Oswego, just 15 minutes or so from downtown Portland. We have the Oregon coast 1 1/2 hrs to the west, Mt Hood 1 hr to the east, the Columbia Gorge 45 minutes or so to the NE, Seattle due north, and recreation just about every which way you look.

Now we are just waiting for family and friends to come a knocking, doors always open (figuratively speaking about the door, we do actually have a habit of locking it)!!


kanabanana said...

I didn't know you moved either... The northwest is beautiful! Glad you feel at home as we do in the desert! ;)

Lisa Newman said...

Sounds lovely. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself--we do miss you here.