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Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter/Trip to Denver

We had a great time visiting my sister Anna and her family over the Easter weekend. Not having any of my immediate family close, it was a rejuvenating thing to spend time with my sister. It was nice just chilling and spending time chatting with Anna and Paul and their 4 awesome kiddos. Oh, and, yes we also played Rock Band for the first time. Kenny and I are both pretty opposed to video games, but it was fun. Kenny rocked it, I was pathetic at best. I like to get my groove on and can follow most any beat, but there is something trippy about the structured mechanics of trying to watch a tv screen and follow the lights to keep up with a rythym. When I just relaxed and actually listened to the song was the only time I actually made it through a whole song and didn't fail out completely.